Summer Cultural Experience

Summit Academy's Summer Cultural Experience is a complete cultural immersion program focused on summer fun in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!


Each student lives with an American family for four weeks. Our Summit Families have full autonomy and flexibility with regards to planning activities for students, which can lead to anything from weekly ice cream trips, to a week in a cabin in Montana!


For families with less schedule flexibility, Summit Academy offers planned excursions in which students and their family siblings can participate.


Summit Academy excursion activities include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Kayaking and canoeing through the Pacific Northwest's numerous lakes and rivers

  • Guided wildlife hiking and camping in the only temperate rainforest in the world!

  • Guided caving and spelunking at the Ape Caves, just south of Mt. St. Helens

  • Day trips to the beach and nearby Mt. Hood (which has snow to play in all year)!

  • Sightseeing at PDX's numerous tourist attractions (OMSI, Oregon Zoo, Forest Park, City of Portland fountains and bridge walk, Portland Underground, etc.)

  • Experiencing the Pacific Northwest's unique American food culture

  • Exploring Portland's rich history through visiting numerous historical sites and buildings


During the Summer Cultural Experience, students have the opportunity to earn Awards through optional curricular activities and worksheets. Summit Awards take each student's Cultural Experience to a deeper level, helping them learn more about the world around them while having fun in it!


Toward the conclusion of the Summer Cultural Experience, Summit Academy invites students and families to a Summer Graduation Ceremony to recognize, reward, and celebrate the achievement and learning experiences of all of our students. 

If you have any questions or would like to bring the Summer Cultural Experience to your school, feel free to contact Summit Academy.

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