About Summit Academy

Summit Academy is a privately-operated educational administration company based in Portland, Oregon of the Pacific Northwest.
Summit Academy's cultural experience programming concentrates on quality over quantity. The family is the most integral unit of the program structure, and is the primary foundation of the cultural interchange process. 
While many similar programs will deliver a large-scale tour experience, Summit Academy creates individualized, student-focused cultural experiences that value participation, progress, and achievement!

Summit Academy is a member of the Tigard Chamber of Commerce. View our directory listing.

Our Partner

Walt Education is our primary partner in education, based in Guangdong Province in southern China, with branch schools all the way to Hunan Province. Walt Education has over 5,000 students.

The primary focus of Walt's partnership with Summit Academy is in the provision of an engaging and rewarding educational and cultural experience for students. 

Our History

Summit Academy was created in 1973, born of a need to return to the basics of true education. As education evolved into a dry repetition of others' thoughts and ideas, we at Summit chose to challenge students to study, research, and formulate their own ideas from life experiences.


Summit Academy's present-day mission is to supply opportunity for students to grow, learn, and adapt in our culturally diverse world.​